EHR Report Catalog

Use Cases For Each Report


Common reports that we refer customers to: 
  1. Procedure Notes by Provider REP0068600
    Used for Resident requests 
  2. Referrals Report REP0067919 
  3. Patient List Encounters Data REP0068231
    Includes mychart status, email, race, and ethnicity 
  4. Patient Mailing List REP0068243
    Includes mychart status, email, race and ethnicity
  5. Slot Utilization with Time Totals REP0068563 
  6. Department Appointments Report (DAR) REP0068143
    Mimics DAR report in Hyperspace but allows user to enter a wider date range 
  7. Procedures Based on Hospital Billing REP0068650
    Good for Hospital Transactions detail list. 
  8. Medication Order Information REP0068718
    User can enter medication id(s), ordering department, and dispensing department 
  9. My Notes - Last 30 days
    This report displays all notes written in the last 30 days by the individual logged in/running the report.
  10. OR Log Report - Resident Logs
    Shows all logs with a resident physcian (assisting or observing) in the last month. Also, enables the user to report on surgical cases that they participated in based on role. 
  11. UCL Charge Info Report
    Pulls in UCL record information for Genomics related charge sources and cost centers. User can acess cost centers, charge source, and date range.