Self-service Analytics

Self-service analytics deliver the insight you need to power your work.

The Self-service Analytics (SSA) Program was founded to empower UCSF faculty, staff and students to use data to gain insights and improve performance for patient care, research, education, finance, HR and other practice areas.

Data for Everyone

The IT Enterprise Information and Analytics department is excited to announce that Self-service Analytics (SSA) platform is launched for users across UCSF. This platform will enable non-IT professionals to create reports and dashboards using Tableau.

Self-service That Works for You

We are dedicated to providing you intuitive processes, key training and services to get you started and support you in your SSA journey.

This program website is intended to be a convenient, one-stop shop for all UCSF personnel to easily find information about UCSF’s self-service analytics program using Tableau. We will update content frequently, so check back with us as we continue on the path to SSA.

SSA Program Rollout

Self-service Analytics platform is being rolled out by department/department groupings and research teams. For more details about onboarding process, please visit: Onboarding and Overall Process

SSA Program Accomplishments

To date, we’ve accomplished the following:

  • Established Enterprise Tableau platform and the necessary Technical Infrastructure.
  • Developed role-specific training courses, a security and privacy framework, and a foundational set of processes.
  • Tableau Developers On-boarded: 190+
  • Dashboards Deployed in Development & QA: 5700+,
  • Dashboards Deployed in Production: 800+
  • Interactors and Viewers Onboarded: 7000+