Using APeX to Enable Your Research

Why use APeX to enable research? 

You have an algorithm, digital tool or intervention that has strong evidence of feasibility and acceptability and you want to study this tool within UCSF Health's instance of EPIC (which we call APeX). For example:

  • A digital intervention consisting of a predictive algorithm and a clinical decision support tool to encourage sleep promotion order sets
  • An external digital visualization tool that helps graph neonatal weight loss
  • Your research plan includes use of alerts, order sets, notes, in-box messages or other tools within APeX 

Your options:

Request a Consultation for APeX Enabled Research to find out more about:

  • How to use alerts, order sets, notes, messsages within APeX for research 
  • How to randomize within APeX for your research study
  • Budgeting, resources, and processes needed to use APeX to support your research
  • Cognitive Computing Platform
  • EPIC Integrated Questionnaires

Find out more now! 

Learn more about the UCSF Digital Diagnostics & Therapeutics committee (DD&T)

Compliance issues

IRB approval is required

Governance Approval from appropriate committees such as:
• Digital Diagnostics and Therapeutics
• Clinical Content Committee

Privacy, Risk and Legal Review

Security Review

Plan ahead for integrating with APeX

Leave plenty of time in your efforts for governance and approvals. The infrastructure for UCSF Clinical Systems is a complex enterprise environment so you’ll need to demonstrate:

  • Familiarity with common health care standards such as FHIR
  • Experience with widely available sandbox development environments such as HSPC, OpenEpic, AppOrchard
  • Patience and a willingness to trouble shoot data and connectivity issues
  • Data management
  • Data analysis