Use APeX to Power Your Research

The APeX Enabled Research Program (AER) supports the use of APeX for faculty-initiated research projects. We provide consultation & technical services to:

  • design your digital health intervention
  • prepare your grant (including letters and budgets)
  • navigate governance steps
  • implement your ideas, and
  • support your data safety monitoring activities. 

How do you start?

Fill out a simple form at We'll contact you to set up a meeting to hear about your project and go from there. 

Do you need to pay for AER services?

Probably yes. The AER team will meet with you to understand your project. Depending on how much support you need, there is an hourly recharge. 

Plan ahead for integrating with APeX

Research projects utilizing APeX and fun and complex - so get ready to dig in! AER is here to help at every step of the way -- from idea conception through grant submission to implementation and evaluation. For more information, contact us!.