Data-Sharing FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the data sharing project. If you have a question that is not addressed, please email [email protected].

Who at UCSF is authorized to sign a data-sharing agreement contract?

UCSF's five authorized contracting units are responsible for the review of all data-sharing agreements and serve as the institutional signatory. No individual or department at UCSF outside of these units may authorize a data sharing agreement.

What is the EIA's turnaround time if my contract is escalated?

The Committee on Enterprise Information and Analytics (EIA) will conduct preliminary reviews on a weekly basis and the submitter will be notified. However, any contracts that require more information or clarification will take longer due to the necessary research and assessment work.

Could a contract be escalated beyond the EIA Committee?

The Chancellor's Executive Team (CET) has authorized the EIA Committee to make decisions regarding which contracts may go forward, but there are circumstances that must be escalated to the CET and UCOP prior to approval:

  • Any data sharing with high-risk countries or companies that the EIA wishes to approve must be reviewed by the CET.
  • Per UCOP principles, any high-risk data sets (e.g. genetic test results) or multi-campus data sets that the EIA wishes to approve must be escalated to CET then to UCOP for system-wide review.

Does this apply to HIPAA business associate agreements (BAA)?

Any contract that includes a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) will be escalated to the EIA Committee.

A BAA is a written contract between a Business Associate and a Covered Entity that specifies the permitted access, uses, and disclosures and the safeguards required for PHI by a Business Associate in order to perform a function or activity or to provide a service on behalf of the Covered Entity.

Where can I find other data-sharing resources at UCSF?

The UCSF Library offers information and resources for research data sharing and management.

The Library's Data Science Initiative offers workshops for scientists to learn how to program in R and Python, create data visualizations, use software to analyze large biomedical datasets, share their data to meet publication requirements, and find public genomic data.

Where can I learn more about the NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing which started Jan 2023? 

Starting in January of 2023, NIH will be implementing a new Data Management and Sharing Policy. This policy will require all NIH researchers to prospectively plan for how their scientific data will be preserved and shared through submission of a Data Management and Sharing Plan. 

Learn more about this new policy by clicking here.