Cohort Selection

Information Commons

Clinical data at scale and very high performance, and an environment suited to pattern recognition and machine learning. This high performance compute cluster on AWS offers:

  • Access to de-identified structured EHR data; additional data sets coming soon, including de-identified clinical notes and images
  • Spark analytics engine, that enables fast data query via Spark-SQL, Machine Learning via Spark MLib, R via SparkR
  • Query data using PatientExploreR  
Free for UCSF Community


  • User friendly tool that enables patient level interactive dynamic reports and visualization of clinical data without programming skills

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services offers:

  • Identification of cohorts from the UCSF APeX and ZSFG inpatient medical records
  • Honest Broker Service for direct mail to potential participants
  • Recruitment advice - plain language consultation, videos, and more
  • Help using ResearchMatch secure national recruitment registry

Sample Size Calculators

Online tools for clinical researchers:

  • To determine how many subjects to include in a study
  • To answer questions related to sample size or power calculations

UCSF Clinical Data

Research access to UCSF electronic medical record data (APeX) - Research Data Browser (RDB), Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW), and more.

  • Summary statistics
  • Generation of condition-specific patient populations for study recruitment / chart review
  • Outcomes research using historical data in hospital databases