Data De-identification Validation Service

Making it easier to share de-identified data

Did you know that UCSF De-identified data are considered UCSF Intellectual Property and are subject to HIPAA regulations?

It's true! So, if you are working with a non-UCSF partner and you want to share the data, the UCSF Privacy office requires that your data are "certified," meaning your dataset is correctly de-identified.

UCSF now has a Data De-identification Validation Service which enables you to collaborate with experts to verify that your datasets have been de-identified in accordance with HIPAA regulations and obtain the required certification.

How It Works

The Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) will consult with you and evaluate your data. The consultant will need to know details such as:

  • Was the dataset derived from a previously certified UCSF de-identified data source? (If so, then you’re done! Additional validation and/or certification is not required.)
  • Complexity of the Dataset
  • Size of the Dataset
  • Data Sharing Plans
  • Size of Intended Audience of the Dataset

Get Started or Get Help:   REQUEST CONSULTATION

Once this initial evaluation is done, the CTSI consultant will refer you to UCSF Academic Research Systems or one of our approved vendors to complete the certification. Important Note: You will need to pay for the certification!

  • The initial 1-hour evaluation with CTSI is free.
  • The Academic Research Systems’ hourly rate is $106/hour. All hours spent fulfilling your request are subject to this billing rate.
  • The following privacy analytics and consulting firms have been approved by UCSF to perform this service. Their rates will vary.

Once your dataset has been validated and certified, CTSI will help you notify the UCSF Privacy Office so they can record the certification of your dataset.

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