Computing Environments

Integrated Analytics Platforms

Research Analysis Environment (RAE)

Formerly known as MyResearch, RAE offers secure hosting for sensitive data with web-based management and collaboration tools including support for study-specific large datasets and AWS resource options.

  • View, manipulate, and save data entirely in a protected environment without storing files on personal computers
  • Free access to research software applications, such as SAS, Stata, SPSS, R, TreeAge, Atlas.ti, MS Office, and Matlab - see full list
  • Collaboration tools, such as SharePoint, facilitate the conduct of multi-site research studies
Free up to 10GB/month for UCSF PIs

Information Commons

Clinical data at scale and very high performance, and an environment suited to pattern recognition and machine learning. This high performance compute cluster on AWS offers:

  • Access to de-identified structured EHR data; additional data sets coming soon, including de-identified clinical notes and images
  • Spark analytics engine, that enables fast data query via Spark-SQL, Machine Learning via Spark MLib, R via SparkR
  • Query data using PatientExploreR ¬†
Free for UCSF Community

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Pay-as-you-go cloud-hosted services feature a point-and-click interface and a suite of powerful API tools.

  • Servers, data storage, databases
  • Analytics, application, deployment services
  • High-performance computing
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Data Center Services

UCSF Information Technology (IT) offers:

  • Physical servers or virtual hosting
  • System administration
  • Storage - options from demanding high performance needs to cost-effective bulk storage
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Data Systems Services

Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics provides data collection, cleaning, and storage services to research investigators.

  • Cloud computing and server/desktop virtualization, hosted within the UCSF network and compliant with NIST-mandated security protocols
  • Customized programming and data services
  • Customized databases for outcome ascertainment studies

SOM Tech

Design and implementation of technical projects. Data services include:

  • Application development/programming involving data
  • Data security compliance

Wynton Research Computing Capability

Shared high-performance computing (HPC) Linux environment available to all UCSF researchers, for advanced research, allowing the exploration of vast data.

  • UCSF's largest HPC cluster with ~10,000 CPU cores available, petabytes of storage
  • Support for Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) computation
  • Different profiles suited to various biomedical and health science computing needs
  • Friendly, large user community