Supporting Secure Data-Sharing Partnerships


A rapid rise in malicious cyber activity and several well-publicized incidents at academic centers led UCSF leadership to determine that a thorough review of our data management and data sharing practices was necessary to ensure the appropriate protection of our data assets.

At the Chancellor’s request, a task force of research, technology, and operational leaders across the University reviewed how we share data with external partners and created a set of recommendations.

What to expect

New contracts that propose data sharing with external entities are being closely reviewed by UCSF's five authorized contracting units. Data sharing agreements that meet any of the criteria below will be escalated by the contracting unit to the IT Governance Committee on Enterprise Information and Analytics (EIA) for evaluation.

Escalation criteria

Data sharing engagements are escalated for review by the IT Governance Committee on Enterprise Information & Analytics. View the escalation criteria.

Task Force recommendations

Based on its findings, the task force has created a set of interim and longer-term recommendations across contracting, technology, security, and data access areas that will help inform process change going forward.

Questions & feedback

We want to hear from you and welcome your questions.

Resources & FAQs

If you have questions about sharing de-identified data to meet funder and publisher requirements, please review the guidance on the new page Sharing De-identified Data for Publication.


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