The STOR Data Warehouse is available for research use beginning February 1, 2018.

STOR was the primary Electronic Health Record for UCSF between 1988 and 2005, and was used by many providers between 2005 and the APeX go-live on 6/1/2012.  STOR was one of the first electronic health record systems in the United States. As a result, it provides an invaluable longitudinal history of a patient's disease spanning up to 40 years, when combined with APeX data.

STOR is a rich source of patient information for research. STOR was designed by and for physicians so it focuses on capturing the most relevant patient information to guide clinical decision making. Full-text clinical notes were dictated by STOR providers and later transcribed into the system by support staff. Problems were coded by providers in a hierarchical form that could be specific to each department.

In addition, STOR captured and saved, through HL7 feeds, clinical information originating from other UCSF including visits from IDX, lab results, procedure codes from billing, and SNOMED codes from Pathology.

The data structure of the STOR-specific Data Warehouse tables is shown below:

STOR Data Warehouse Model

In addition, STOR data that conforms to the structure of the Epic Caboodle data warehouse will be merged into the Epic tables, providing individual tables that show a patient history spanning the time before and after the APeX Go-live.

In the figure below, the new STOR data is indicated in blue, and the original APeX data is in orange:

STOR to CDW Fact Merge

Date Ranges for STOR Patient Observations by Fact Table (excluding small year counts)

Table Name First Year Last Year
StorImmunizationFactX 1976 2011
StorLabFactX 1980 2012
StorMedicationListDetailFactX 1980 2012
StorProblemListDetailFactX and StorProblemListFactX 1980 2012
StorProcedureFactX 1999 2012
StorReportFactX 1971 2012
StorReportFieldFactX 1977 2012
StorReportMicroResultFactX 1993 2012
StorReportMicroTestFactX 1993 2012
StorReportSnomedFactX 1982 2011
StorReportTextFactX 1983 2012
StorVisitFactX 1971 2012