Welcome to the Apex EHR Reporting team page.  Our mission is to provide you with accurate data when you need it, in the format you want, to drive UCSF forward



How to access

Looking for a custom report to give you the data you need, enter a ticket here.

Do you have a report that works for you but is missing one component, we can modify it for you! enter a ticket here.

If you have a report in Apex that you believe is broken and needs to be fixed.  Please enter a ticket here.

Can your co-worker see a report in their library, but you can't see it?  Request access to the report by entering a ticket here.

Are you trying to get access to a Reporting Workbench Template or a Radar Dashboard?  Enter a ticket here.

Are you looking for access to Reporting Workbench export, SlicerDicer export, APeX Clarity export, APeX Clarity programmer or APeX Clinical Data Warehouse programmer access?  Enter your request here.