Welcome to the Apex EHR Reporting team page.  Our mission is to provide you with accurate data when you need it, in the format you want, to drive UCSF forward

  • Support: Apex Reporting
  • Category: Health Systems
  • Team Manager: Victor Galvez
  • Clinical Reporting Supervisor: Jason Woll
  • Revenue and Access Reporting Supervisor: Tom Huray



How to access

Looking for a custom report to give you the data you need, enter a ticket here.

Do you have a report that works for you but is missing one component, we can modify it for you! enter a ticket here.

If you have a report in Apex that you believe is broken and needs to be fixed.  Please enter a ticket here.

Can your co-worker see a report in their library, but you can't see it?  Request access to the report by entering a ticket here.

Are you trying to get access to a Reporting Workbench Template or a Radar Dashboard?  Enter a ticket here.

Are you looking for access to Reporting Workbench export, SlicerDicer export, APeX Clarity export, APeX Clarity programmer or APeX Clinical Data Warehouse programmer access?  Enter your request here.