Step 11.1 - Submit Tableau Production Deployment Form

Tableau Developer is responsible to submit Tableau Production Deployment Form in order to promote Dashboards and Data Sources from Tableau QA Site to Tableau Production Site. It is very important to complete UAT (user acceptance testing) for the dashboards before promoting to Production. Also make sure to get the Dimensions and Measures reviewed by the data governance team before you decide to submit the request.

Here is the link: Tableau Production Deployment Form

  • This deployment form is web form and is implemented in ServiceNow.
  • Automatically creates reusable templates for the workbooks that are requested for deployment. If you need to redeploy a workbook, simply use the existing template and make any necessary changes if needed, instead of filling out the entire form. 
  • Approval process is Automated: 

-    Seeks approval from the Dashboard Owner of the concerned department 
-    Seeks approval from the Data Governance team.

  • Easy and convenient to track the status online.
  • Developer submits the Request
  • Dashboard Owner of the concerned department reviews and approves the request
  • Data Governance team reviews and approves the request
  • Tableau Admin team implements the requested Workbooks/Data Sources in Production  


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