Step 2.1 - Register for Tableau Developer Training

Tableau Developer Training is a prerequisite to apply for Enterprise Tableau Developer License. This training course is mandatory for users who do not have any prior experience or knowledge on "Tableau Desktop" application and developing dashboards and data sources.


1. Visit UCSF Training Website: and login with your "MyAccess" credentials.

2. Click on "Search" icon or "Find a Course".

3.  Search for “Tableau Developer” and select it

4. Click on "SELECT" button and select "Register" to signup for "Tableau Developer" training

5. Click on "REGISTER" button to confirm

Note: once you register, it usually takes '1' to '2' business days to receive approval. You will receive approval confirmation from [email protected]

6. Once you receive approval, login to the "UC Learning Center" and click on "Training Schedule" under LEARNING section to start the training.

Note: the “Read Me - Developer” document in the "Tableau Developer" course will provide further information on setting up "Tableau Desktop" application to practice training excercises.

7. Once the training is completed, click on the "Training Transcript" under REPORTING section and click on the certificate icon to download the Certificate. 

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For any questions or suggestions, please e-mail to [email protected]