Step 9.3 - How do Interactors Edit/Create and Save Tableau Dashboards on Tableau QA Site

Interactors are allowed to edit the dashboards, which are published by the Tableau Developer on the Tableau QA site. Interactors can also create their own dashboards by connecting to the Data Sources published by the Tableau Developer on the Tableau QA site.

Please note that, Interactors cannot connect to any external data sources other than the data sources published by the Tableau Developer. They are not even allowed to overwrite the original dashboards. The dashboards edited by Interactors can only be saved into a special project folder named "Department - User Dashboards (Px)". 

In the below example, “IT – Superstore (P1)” is the project where the original workbook is published. If interactors want to edit the workbook under this project, they would need to make a copy of it and save it under “IT – User Reports (P1)”.

Below are the technical steps that needs to be followed by the interactors.  

1. Open the Project folder they have access to and click on “Edit Workbook” on the dashboard they want to edit. For illustration, we are using a project called “IT – Superstore” below.

2. Go to the “File” menu and click on “Save As” option.

3. Select the project which is allotted to Save the edited workbooks for your department. Make sure you follow proper naming convention as shown below (UserName – WorkbookName vx). Also, select the option to Embed password for data source. Click on Save.

4. Make changes to the workbook per your requirement and Save it. 

5. All the Interactors who have access to “IT – User Reports” project will be able to access each other’s modified workbooks.  


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