Is Self-service Right for Me?

Self-service Analytics (SSA) enables users to directly access and utilize UCSF data for reporting and analysis.

One of SSA’s key benefits is that it makes users more productive and reduces the reliance on IT technical resources to create reports and dashboards needed for meaningful insights.

Candidates for Self Service

In order to effectively participate as an SSA user, departments must have access to a technically savvy resource or Tableau “Developer” who assumes the responsibility for connecting to existing or new data sources, and preparing the data for use by Tableau users. The Developer is also the first point of contact for issues and questions from department users, such as Interactors and Viewers.

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As a business leader, you have many solutions available to meet your reporting and analytic needs; self-service with Tableau is among your options. Self-service users are typically departments that have access to a technically savvy business resource or Tableau Developer who assumes the responsibility to connect your data sources and prepare the data for Tableau dashboards.

Not sure if self-service analytics with Tableau is the right solution to solve your business and reporting needs? Take the quiz and find out!