Step 3.3 - Tableau Viewer Role and Permissions

Viewer Role

Tableau Viewers are the ultimate consumers of reports and dashboards that have been created by either a Developer or an Interactor. Viewers can only access specific dashboards relevant to their job function or department. They cannot develop or publish new dashboards, though they can request them from their assigned Developer.

A Viewer’s typical interaction with Tableau is limited to navigating to and viewing a dashboard. Such a user may also perform subsequent tasks such as making field selections for time periods, performing drilldowns, re-formatting a report display, or sharing reports with other authorized users.

The key responsibilities of the Viewer include: 

  • View and Test available dashboards
  • Provide requirements and feedback to the Developers for creating or enhancing dashboards
  • Participate in in User Acceptance Test (UAT) activities for the new dashboards prior to their migration to production
  • Report issues to their Developer

Viewer Permissions on Tableau Server (Dev, QA and Production)


1. Do we need to buy licenses for Viewer Access?

No, you not need a Tableau license for Viewer Access.

2. Can Viewer access the Tableau Desktop environment?

Viewers cannot access Tableau Desktop environment. Viewers are only allowed to access Tableau Server environment.

3. Can Viewers edit the dashboards published by the Developer?

Viewers cannot edit the dashboards published by the Developer.

4. Can Viewers create their own Dashboards?

Viewers cannot create their own dashboards.

5. What is the URL to access Tableau QA and Production server?


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