Step 3.2 - Tableau Interactor Role and Permissions

Interactor Role

Interactors work with the Tableau Developer to test dashboards in the Quality Assurance (QA) environment. They are also responsible for identifying new requirements or any issues in the existing dashboards. Interactors role allws users to create new dashboards or modify existing dashboards using the data sources that are already publsihed by the Developer on the Tableau QA Server. They cannot connect to or create or publish any new data sources using Tableau Desktop.

The key responsibilities of the Interactor include:

  • Develop new dashboards or modify existing dashboards on the Tableau Server (QA)
  • Perform ad-hoc analysis and data validation
  • Perform user acceptance testing (UAT) and provide feedback to the Developer
  • Identify new requirements

Interactor Permissions on Tableau Server (Dev, QA and PROD)


1. Do we need to buy licenses for Interactor Access?

No, you do not need a Tableau license for Interactor Access.You only need to follow the standard access request process.

2. Can Interactors access the Tableau Desktop environment?

Interactors cannot access the Tableau Desktop environment. Interactors are only allowed to access Tableau Server environment.

3. Can Interactors create their own Dashboards?

Interactors can create their own dashboards by connecting to the Data Sources published by the Developer.

4. Can Interactors overwrite the dashboards published by the Developer?

Interactors can access and edit the dashboards published by the Developer, but they cannot overwrite them. They can save their edited dashboards in a separate project called “User Dashboards”.

5. Can Interactors connect to data sources outside of Tableau Server?

Interactors can only connect to the data sources available within Tableau server. They need to contact their department’s Tableau Developer for connecting to data sources that are outside the server.

6. What is the URL to access Tableau QA and Production server?

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