Step 3.1 - Tableau Developer Role, Responsibilities and Permissions

Developer Role

A Tableau Developer serves as a technical resource for specific departments or functional areas. Developers work within their respective areas to develop and modify reports and dashboards, provide connections to new and existing data sources, prepare data for use in Tableau, develop extracts, publish data sources and workbooks, develop custom scripts, coordinate releases of data and workbooks, as well as perform complex technical tasks such as integration with R.

The Developer is the department or group’s point of contact for IT for coordination, approvals, migration of data and workbooks between environments, as well as sign-offs prior to migration of objects to the production environment. In some cases, the Developer may also assume Interactor role responsibilities.

The role of a Tableau Developer in the Tableau Program is to Design, Develop,Publish,Test and Troubleshoot Dashboards and Data Sources. Developer also acts as the primary point of contact from their department to communicate and co-ordinate with different stakeholders including Functional Users, Tableau Admin Team, Database Administrators, and Data Governance Team etc

Tableau Developer responsibilities include:

1. Preparing data for use by Tableau.

2. Establishing connections to Data Sources.

3. Adding or Creating Dimensions, Measures and Calculations.

4. Performing Data Modeling in Tableau Desktop.

5. Developing Workbooks and Hyper Extracts on Tableau Desktop. 

6. Publishing Workbooks and Data Sources to Tableau Development and QA sites.

7. Refreshing Extracts on Development and QA sites.

8. Monitoring the status of extract schedules on QA site.

9. Performing Unit Testing on Development and QA sites.

10. Resolving any data or performance issues related to workbooks and data sources.

11. Cataloging measures and dimensions in Collibra.

12. Requesting access for Interactors and Viewers.

13. Follow up Managers for any required approvals.

14. Follow up with Interactors/Viewers to complete DocuSign attestations.

15. Obtain SVP/Chair/Dean Approvals to request access for P4 dashboards

16. Providing knowledge transfer and support to Interactors and Viewers.

17. Coordinating with Tableau Admin Team for Production Deployment.

18. Providing Tier 1 support for Tableau issues reported by departmental or group personnel.

19. Monitoring Usage Report of their Workbooks and Data Sources.

Developer Permissions on Citrix Tableau Desktop Environment

Developer Permissions on Tableau Server (Development and QA)

Developer Permissions on Tableau Server (Production)

The Tableau Developer Role and Permissions do not exist in Production. Developers may get Interactor or Viewer access on the deployed content in Production. Please refer to the Tableau Interactor and Tableau Viewer Permissions guide for details on those roles.

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