Step 4.1 - Submit Tableau License and Access Request Form (LARF) for New Developer License

Tableau License and Access Request Form is required to request "Tableau Developer License" on Enterprise Tableau Platform. Developer license is required to connect to the Data Sources, develop Workbooks on Tableau Desktop, and Publish them to Tableau Server (Dev and QA only)


1. Access Tableau License and Access Request form (LARF) using following link: Tableau LARF

2. Fill out the "Requester Info" section as shown below. Select "Requester Organization" as either Campus or Health. 

3. Fill out the "Account Request" section as shown below.

4. Fill out the "Requested For" section as shown below.

5. Provide proper "Business Justification" and select the "Purpose" of the use

6. Select "I will purchase a new license", if you are applying for Enterprise Tableau Developer license for the first time. 

7. Provide name of your department in order to create a folder structure on Citrix environment where the "Tableau Desktop" application is hosted. This folder will be used to store your Workbooks, Data Files, Extracts, and Images etc

8. If you are new to Enterprise Tableau Platform and your department does not have any projects exist on the Tableau Server, select New Project, provide Name of the Project and select Data Classification Type. This Project is created on the Tableau Server where you publish your Workbooks and Data Sources to share with Interactors/Viewers. 

Note: to know more about UCSF data classification types, please visit:

9. Select the options that are applicable.

10. Provide Speed Type or Charstring. This information is required to Chargeback the Yearly License Maintenance Fee. 

11. Add any additional comments and attach the "Tableau Developer Training" or "Tableau Developer Skills Assessment" completion certificate. 

12. Submit the request.

13. Once you submit the request, ServiceNow sends a notification to your manager to approve the request. Developer is responsible to follow up with manager to get approvals.

14. Once the request is approved, Developer may receive an automated e-mail to complete DocuSign attestation, if the "Data Classification Type" of your "Project" is P3 or P4 or the "Purpose" is ClinicalTreatment, Paymentand Operationor Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance or Research.

15. Complete DocuSign attestation. 

16. Tableau Admin team will grant license and setup your account on "Tableau Desktop" and "Tableau Server" environment. 

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