Step 5.4 - How to access Tableau "Development", "QA" and "Production" Sites on Tableau Server

Tableau Production Site

Tableau Production Site is a also web-based application, which is accessible to authorized Tableau Interactors and Viewers. The Production Site is explictly setup for larger audience (Viewers) who wants to analyze the finalized Dashboards and make strategic decisions. 

Link to access Tableau Production Site: 

Tableau QA Site

Tableau QA Site is a also web-based application, which is accessible to authorized Tableau Developers, Interactors and Viewers. The QA Site is explictly setup for Interactors and Viewers who wants to Validate results and Test the finctionality of Dashboards. This site is also used to perform UAT (user acceptance testing) before promoting dashboards to Production Site for larger audience.

Link to access Tableau QA Site: 

Tableau Development Site

Tableau Development Site is a web-based application, which is only accessible to authorized Tableau Developers. The Development Site is explicitly setup for Tableau Developers to Publish Workbooks and Data Sources from Tableau Desktop, Validate results and Test the functionality. Please note that, Interactors and Viewers cannot access this environment.

1. Visit You will see a home screen with "Recent" dashboards. 

2. Click on "Explore" to see the "Project" folders you have access to. In this example, user is only authorized to access the project "Department of Sales - Superstore Analysis (P1)"

The naming convention used to create "Projects" on the Tableau Server is based on the name of your Department, purpose of Dashboard and the Data classification type. 

Department Name: Department of Sales

Purpose of Dashboard: Superstore Analysis

Data Classification Type: P1

Please note that, Developer is responsible to understand data classification types and request tableau admin team to create the projects. Please visit to understand more about UCSF data classification standards.   

3. Click on the "Superstore" workbook to see the views.

4. Click on one of the view to see the visualization


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