Step 8.4 - How to refresh Extracts on Tableau QA Site

Tableau Developer is authorized to refresh extracts on Tableau Development Site and Tableau QA Site. In this example, we are going to show how to refresh extracts on Tableau QA Site.

1. Log in to Tableau QA Site with your "MyAccess" credentials.

2. Open the project folder you have access to. In this example, we are showing how to refresh extracts in the "Department of Sales - Superstore Analysis (P1)" project.

3. Click on the ellipses (...) icon of "Sales Commission" data source and select "Refresh Extarcts"

4. Click on "Full Refresh"

5. If you want to schedule the extract refresh to run on specific day and time, click on "Schedule a Refresh" tab and select one of the availables schedules. If you want custom schedules, please contact [email protected]


For any questions or suggestions, please e-mail to [email protected]