Step 8.3 - How to Publish Workbooks and Data Sources from Tableau Desktop to Tableau QA Site

Once the unit testing of dashboard is completed on Tableau Development Site, publish it to Tableau QA Site so that it can be shared with Interactors and Viewers for testing. 

In this example, we are going to see how to publish sample "Superstore" workbook from Tableau Desktop to Tableau QA Site

1. Login to Citrix Environment and open "Tableau File Explorer"

2. Copy the Workbook from Development folder

3. Paste it in the QA folder as shown below

4. Open "Tableau Desktop" and go to "File" menu and click "Open" 

3. Navigate to QA folder and "Open" the Workbook. 

4. Go to Sheets and click on one of the sheet

5. If you notice below data sources, they were pointed to Tableau Development Site. We need to create local copies for these data sources before publishing to Tableau QA Site.

6. Right-click on the "Sales Commission" data source and create local copy as shown below.

7. Save it in the Extracts folder as shown below. 

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to create local copy for the "Sales Target Extract".

9. Right-click on the "Sales Commission" data source and select "Replace Data Source"

10. Replace it with the local copy as shown below.

11. Right-click and Close the "Sales Commission" data source.

12. Repeat steps 10 and 11 to replace data source for "Sales Target Extract"

13. As a best practice, rename both the data sources to remove the text "(local copy)". Right-click on "Sales Commission (local copy)" and select "Rename"

14. Repeat step 13 to rename "Sales Target Extract (local copy)"

15. Create extracts for all the three data sources. It is highly recommended to use extracts for optomal performance of the dashboard.

16. Select the options as shown below and click on "Extract". You can also explore other options later.

17. Repeat steps 15 and 16 to create extracts for other two data sources.

18. Go to "Server" menu and click on "Sign In"

19. Provide Tableau QA Server URL: and click "Connect"

20. Authenticate with your "MyAccess" credentials.

21. Select "QA" site from the list

22. Select "Publish Workbook"

23. Select below options and click on "Publish Workbook & Data Sources" button. You can explore what these options are. 

24. Click "Yes" to publish

25. Click "Done" to confirm.

26. Log In to Tableau QA Server: and verify the dashboard.

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