The Tableau User Guide is now available to help you get started!

The Self-service Analytics User Guide is intended to provide you with important information to get you up and running with Tableau. Scroll below for highlights or do a search on the full PDF version of the SSA User Guide.  

Onboard with SSA

Getting on the self-service platform starts with you telling us about your analytic needs. The more we know, the better we can support your Tableau experience.

Complete the simple SSA New Department Questionnaire that describes the business problem or questions your organization is trying to solve. 

  • Define your Tableau users and which data sources you are planning to connect to
  • Tell us about your plans for sharing your dashboards
  • Send your completed Questionnaire to [email protected] with a request for a brief consult
  • See SSA User Guide, section 3.0 Get onboard for more details

Get Tableau Training

Tableau training is online, self-paced and free! Registration is through the UC Learning Center. There are three courses available and each is designed to meet the needs of your specific Tableau role.

Use the Find a Course feature in the LMS to search for the Tableau Developer, Interactor or Viewer course right for you. Consult the SSA User Guide, section 4.0 Get Tableau training for details.  You can also download full PDF versions of course materials for easy reference.

Obtain a Developer License

Only the Developer role is required to have a Tableau Enterprise Desktop License. (Licenses are not required for Tableau Interactors and Viewers). This Enterprise-level license is obtained by completing the Tableau License and Access Request form.

Already have a Tableau License and want to convert to an Enterprise License? See section 5.4 of the SSA User Guide.

Request New Access to Enterprise Data Source

Developers who need access to additional enterprise data sources must initiate a request for access. All new requests for enterprise data sources are routed through a governed approval process. 

To start this process, visit our Process & Policy page for Enterprise clinical data requests or email [email protected] for Enterprise Financial & Administrative data requests. For more information about the request and approvals process, see the SSA User Guide, section 6.0 Request enterprise data.

Get Tableau for Interactors & Viewers

A license is not required for Tableau Interactors and Viewers. To get set up on Tableau, contact your developer to confirm your Tableau role and ensure that your necessary approvals for Dashboard viewing are in place. Work with your developer to submit the Tableau License and Access Request form to get you going. For more information regarding access, see the SSA User Guide, Section 7.0 Get Tableau for Interactors & Viewers.

We highly encourage all Tableau Interactors and Viewers to take advantage of Training options to jumpstart your use of Tableau.

Get your Dashboard Published

The self-service platform has been designed as the go-to place for you to innovate, design, test and share your dashboards. Tools like the Tableau Deployment Checklist are provided to guide you through best-practice processes and steps. 

Data Governance will work with developers and dashboard owners to complete the MetaModel Workbook. This workbook captures important metadata from development through production lifecycles, and ensures that all dashboards meet data quality standards, comply with governance requirements, and ultimately become part of an enterprise-wide searchable data catalog.

Developers have the flexibility to innovate in the Tableau development environment and migrate their dashboards to Tableau QA. When ready, Developer can engage their users in validation and testing activities. Once dashboards are ready for production and publication, your Tableau IT admin team is here to help you migrate to production.  

For more information regarding migration and publication, see the SSA User Guide, section 8.0 Get your dashboard published or refer to the Tableau Technical Guide for step-by-step instructions.