Step 12.2 - How to get access to P4 Classified Tableau Projects on the Tableau Server

As per the UCSF Data Access Policies, any user who needs access to "P4" classified Tableau Projects must obtain approval from the designated SVP or Dean or Chair of their department or a Designated Individual who is authorized to approve access to P4 data. 

For Health System users, it should be the Senior Vice President or Designated Individual of their department

For School of Dentistry, Nursing, and Pharmacy users, it should be the Dean or Designated Individual of their department

For School of Medicine users, it should be the Chair or Designated Individual of their department. 

1. Once the approval is obtained, it can be used as a "blanket approval" to request access for any P4 classified Tableau Projects on the Development (only for developer access), QA and Production sites. 

2. Tableau Developer to check whether the approvals are already obtained for the Interactors and Viewers before submitting LARF for P4 classified projects.    

3. For the users or the user with no existing approvals, the SVP or Dean or Chair's approval can be obtained via e-mail or using below template. If you are obtaining approval via email, make sure to include the details of Tableau Project Name, Dashboard Name and list of users who would need access.

5. Once the approval is received, it needs to be attached in the Tableau License and Access Request Form (LARF) before submission.  


1. How do we identify the SVP or Dean or Chair of our department?

Please contact your reporting manager to find out the details. For additional inquiries, you can reachout to Enterprise Analytics Team: [email protected]

2. What is P4 classification?

Please refer following link to understand UCSF Data Classification Standards: link

3. Do we need to obtain SVP or Dean or Chair approvals for other data classifications: P1, P2 and P3?

SVP or Dean or Chair approvals are only required to get access to P4 classified projects.

4. What happens to the access when the employee leaves organization?

Their access will be automatically removed.

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